Chipper Switch Audio Effects

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Services for Hire

Hello There, Welcome to my website!

I provide services for hire in several different fields!

If you are interested in working with ChipperSwitch Studios, contact me with this link.

Audio Plugin Prototyping

Are you interested in developing your own VST/AU Plugin with a professional developer?

I can help you save time and money by creating a fully-functional prototype within Ableton Live.

Together we can refine your concept and shape the sound your looking for.

All prototypes come with complete documentation about their construction and how the signature sound is dialed in.

Plugin developers love recieveing working protoypes before they start hardcoding because it prevents costly and time consuming re-coding.

Turn around time for plugin prototypes is two to three weeks depenind on complexity.

Contact me for more details

Sound Design

Namely programming sounds for computer software, musical instruments, and Foley sound effects.

Are you developing new audio hardware or software? I can make you work shine with a polished soundest.

Current and past clients include:

Empress Effects Zoia Modular Pedal (Sound Design and Beta Testing)

Trinalog Inc.(Sound Design and Beta Testing)

Sononym Sample Browser (Beta Testing)

SpecDrum Sound Rings (Primary Sound Designer)!

I also compose original musical works which you can find on my SoundCloud.

Fine Art Publishing and Fufillment

I provide end-to-end order fulfillment services for artists, which includes email customer service and online store management.

My current clients include:

Ben Cantwell

Ryan Barry

Erin Brown-Silveira

The services that I provide fall into three categories:

Graphic Design

  • Scanning and touch-up of physical art.
  • Posting and updating products in online stores.
  • Curation and promotional strategy.

Manufacturing & Shipping

  • Monitoring Incoming orders from online stores.
  • Sourcing manufacturers for products.
  • Ordering products as needed to minimize back-stock.
  • Shipping out product for online orders.
  • Sourcing vendors for consumable shipping materials.
  • Adjusting shipping methods to lower postage cost.

Customer Service

  • Email customer support regarding order status.
  • Management of commission requests.
  • Product licensing negotiation.

If you are interested in working with ChipperSwitch Studios, contact me with this link.

Business Strategy Development for Creative Businesses

Work with me to plan the next phase of growth for your creative business.


If you are interested in hiring me for any of these services, contact me with this link.

Commodore Crunch

Add a little bit of tasteful grit with this savory effect.

Unlike many other redux based effects, Commodore Crunch can effect a very limited part of your signal.

Use the pre-filters to focus the effect.

The core mechanic behind this effect is an envlope generator that reactivly downsamples the signal.

Signal gates also help reduce noise by muting low volume signal before it hits the downsampler.

CPU Useage: 2/10

Creative Commons License

Download A Free Copy!

Version 4.0 released 3/10/18


Mellow Flavor:

Crunch it up!:

Elouf Breaks

This effect rack uses the Beat Repeat effect to create minimalist soundscapes

There are indepedent beat repeat effects on each frequency band, Low, Medium, and High.

Each beat repeat is then followed by its own ping-pong delay.

The "Feedback", "Refresh Rate", and "Chunk Size" knobs effect the the size of the echoed bits and how closely the echos follow the currently playing audio.

The "Offset" knobs are used to seperate and de-sync each channel's echos.

This rack was inspired by the music of Seth Elouf

CPU Useage: 1/10

Creative Commons License

Download A Free Copy!

Version 2.1 released 4/9/17


Unaffected Audio:

Sparse Effect:

Dense Effect:


This roudy effect creates delays that get more and more murky.

There are two independent delays, one left and one right, for a mono delay, match the right and left delay time knobs.

The "Time or Sync" knob to switchs between a timed delay and tempo synced delay.

This effect daisy chains delays and low pass auto filters.

The "Echo Count" knob determines the number of active delays, thus how many times the signal is echoed.

Turning up the "Feedback" knob makes the delays in the chain repeat more than once. This effect gets loud quick, so dial in the feedback slowly please!

Turning the brightness knob opens the auto filters a bit more so you get repeats with a tad more high end.

The dry/wet knob starts with a clean un-effected signal, then mixes in the delay, then mixes out the original signal.

This rack evolved into something different, but it was inspired by the
Catalinbread Adineko “Oil Can Delay” guitar pedal. Check out this handy review of it by the Happy Time Pedal Show!

CPU Usage: 8/10 (Less when echo count is turned down)

Creative Commons License

Download A Free Copy!

Version 4.0 released 10/14/16




Tape Warpage

This effect runs your audio through a chewy old tape

Dial in the drive and filtering to taste, then add some pitch warble by tweaking the Wow & Flutter settings~

Don't heistate to really punch up that drive knob!

This effect requres Ableton 9 Suite and Max for Live, let me know if you want the Ableton live standard version, i'll send it to ya special!

CPU Usage: 3/10

Creative Commons License

Download A Free Copy!

Version 6.0 released 10/16/17


Saw Wave Synth

Two Bodies - Flight Facilities

West End Girls
(James Talk Ridney Remix)

Obnoxiously Sexual - Gusgus

Sarge's Radio Refractor

This Echo box will sound right at home in your local missile silo!

Built like a tank, and sounds like the inside of one.

Turn the delay knobs to hear the pitch drift!

Switch to "Mono Mode" for a more focused sound.

Inspired by the Roland RE-201 Space Echo

Creative Commons License

Download A Free Copy!

Version 1.1 released 11/16/17


Lo-Fi Xylophone

Pitch Drifting "Dub" FX

Picante Sweep

This spicy effect creates refreshing sweeps.

Each spice level is an independent sweep effect that varies in flavor.

try adding more is less "Lime" to change the thickness of the sweep

This effect works by stacking frequency shifter devices!

CPU Usage: 3/10

Creative Commons License

Download A Free Copy!

Version 4.0 released 10/16/17


Fuck Weather - Kabuto the Python

Souvenir - Billboard

New Wave - YpOnTheBeat

Heavy Industry Drum Kit


This dusty soundset has plenty of sharp corners underneath.

Click the pads to sample the sounds, or tap the cresponding keys on your keyboard!

Creative Commons License

Download A Free Copy!

Version 1.0 released 1/23/18

Digital Editing Examples

Here are some examples of my work touching up scanned artwork so that they are ready for printing.

I pay close attention to the color balance of the image so that brightening of whites and darkening of blacks does not change the hue of the image.

Scroll over or Tap the images below to see before and after examples.

tap here to revert to original

tap here to revert to original

tap here to revert to original

tap here to revert to original