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Fine Art Publishing and Fufillment

I provide end-to-end order fulfillment services for artists, which includes email customer service and online store management.

My current clients include:

Ben Cantwell

Ryan Barry

Erin Brown-Silveira

The services that I provide fall into three categories:

Graphic Design

  • Scanning and restoration of your physical artwork.
  • Managing products on your online stores.
  • Crafting fresh promotional strategies.

Manufacturing & Shipping

  • Monitoring and shipping out your orders.
  • Sourcing manufacturers for new products.
  • Reducing your backstock of unsold products.
  • Shipping out product for online orders.
  • Sourcing vendors for consumable shipping materials.
  • Adjusting shipping methods to lower postage cost.

Customer Service

  • Keeping up with your email customer support.
  • Organizing your commission requests.
  • Negotiating licensing deals with major brands.

Business Strategy Development for Creative Businesses

I offer consulting session for folks who are interested in streamlining their art publishing businesses.

In a session we will outline the challenges that are eating your time and slowing the growth of your business.

Consulting sessions typically last 1-2 hours and cost $50 per hour.

After the meeting, I will send you a video recording so that you can review our discussion anytime in the future.

If you are interested in bussiness consulataion, click this link.

Digital Editing Examples

Here are some examples of my work touching up scanned artwork so that they are ready for printing.

I pay close attention to the color balance of the image so that brightening of whites and darkening of blacks does not change the hue of the image.

Scroll over or Tap the images below to see before and after examples.

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